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Out goal is to help people to have a clearer understanding of the benefits they have. Then provide them wityhn improved solutions while protecting their assets. 

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We’re committed to providing the highest-quality coverage at the most competitive rates.

Bachkhoa Insurance is a company representing a diversified family of financial services companies offering life insurance, annuity and investment products.

We are Insurance Brokers and this is what we do.

Researching the insurance marketplace on behalf of the consumer and providing best advice on available products and covers. Recommending, given their insurance knowledge and expertise, the best product to suit the consumer’s needs as outlined and alligning their budget where there is a financial constraint.


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Life Insurance Living Benefits, Tax Free Strategy

In its simplest form, life insurance is a promise between an insurance company and you, the policy owner. If you pay a certain amount of money (premium) to the insurance company, the insurance company will pay a certain amount of money (death benefit) to the person (beneficiary) you tell us to when the person whose life is being insured dies.


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Guaranteed income for life - Annuities can fill in the gaps when social security, pensions, and other retirement accounts don't provide enough retirement income. Annuities allow you to take a lump sum today and create a steady stream of income paid monthly, quarterly or yearly.

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Licensed broker that sells life insurance, mutual funds, group insurance, retirement services, investment management services and variable annuities. 



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Stop worrying about the future! There is no risk, no fee, no obligation. Yu have nothing to lose and everything to gain. 

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The Biggest Problem Affecting Retirement Income is INFLATION!

The obvious solution is to have your cash reserves grow faster than the inflation rate and your spending. This can be achieved by strategically positioning assets, without sacrificing safety or guarantees. 


Helping You Get One Step Closer to Retirement

How confident are you about having a comfortable retirement? If you are a little worried, you’re not alone. According to a 2014 report by the Employee Benefits Research Institute, 36% of respondents were “not very confident” or “not confident at all” about having a comfortable retirement. We can help.

We can help you reposition your assets to:

  • Reduce or eliminate all consumer debt
  • Stop losing money in this volatile stock market
  • Significantly reduce your income taxes
  • Set up saving plan that will provide significant wealth for your retirement, tax-free.
  • Fund a college your children
  • Create a new mortgage accelerated program to pay off your mortgage early.
  • Legally avoid being taxed on your hard- earned savings. 


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Thousands of clients that have made us their choice to secure peace and happiness for the fortune of their love ones and businesses. 

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Life Insurance

We’re committed to providing the highest-quality coverage at the most competitive rates.

Life insurance protects the financial future of your loved ones and has benefits that you can use while still alive..

Choosing the right life insurance policy starts with understanding your needs and knowing the differences between the types of policies available: term life, universal life, and variable life. Once you do, you can choose the best option for your family.


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